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SaaS Solutions for the Industrial Sector – launching your business into Industry 4.0

Using a digital data thread to drive sustainability

Our clean tech approach will put you ahead of the competition with innovative solutions and carbon data capture technology, ensuring your business has the tools necessary to make sustainable change.

Our Ethos



With ever demanding customer needs, efficient operations and service will give you that competitive edge. That's why we focus on improving your processes with digitisation to strip out time, cost and waste.

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Providing accessible and affordable tech solutions is what we pride ourselves in. We believe that SaaS solutions for the Industrial Sector should be simple and effective, to add value throughout an entire industry supply chain.

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Net Zero


We are dedicated to support businesses in their sustainability journey to achieving Net Zero. With a climate change crisis, it's time to act now starting with our carbon data capture technology.

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    Manufacturing Emissions Graphic

    Carbon Reduction is needed now more than ever

    With the UK's plans to reach Net Zero by 2050, the Industrial Sectors play an integral role to achieving this goal. It will take digital innovation, for businesses to become more efficient to create a sustainable future. Planting trees for carbon offset is just the beginning...

    UK's Greenhouse Gas Emissions (2019)
    550 Million Tonnes
    Annual CO² emissions in the UK Manufacturing Sector (2019)
    81 Million Tonnes
    New trees needed to offset UK Manufacturing Sector per year (2019)
    3.8 Million Trees

    Industries we support


    With a focus on UK net zero 2050, our solutions support high energy industry such as Aerospace, starting with carbon data capture


    Our real time order tracking solutions drive efficiency and transparency within complex supply chains such as the Automotive industry


    From Metals and Plastics, to Textiles and Foods - we support manufacturing businesses in their digitisation journey to the paperless shop floor

    Many More

    We are here to transform engineering, manufacturing and industrial sectors with our SaaS solutions - find a full list of industries we support here

    Launching British Industry into Industry 4.0 and beyond…

    Our Customers

    "The Glass Factory® App not only provides our customer with WIP visibility at any time but is also a valuable tool for ourselves to monitor and track the progress of parts from start to finish."
    Testimonial Jon Stone
    Jon Stone
    MD - Frederick Cooper
    "Alucast's goals are to use the Glass Factory® to gain WIP visibility, reduce paper-based processes and track the progress of parts in real-time. With the features of the Glass Factory® they are able to take informed decisions and provide customers with up to date information."
    Farhan Ahmed
    Continuous Improvement Engineer - Aucast Ltd.

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    Accessible, affordable, always.

    We know how much the industrial sectors need digitisation and Industry 4.0 to survive and stay ahead of the competition. 

    So we’ve created simple, affordable software solutions for SMEs and above, making digital transformation accessible to all. 

    All levels within a company, all sizes of business, all stakeholders involved.

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