Our Ethos

Our Ethos is to be affordable & accessible to all, always.

At Luna Digital Group we are passionate about all things digital and using tech for good.

We believe that SaaS solutions should be simple, affordable and accessible to all. All levels within a company, all sizes of business, all stakeholders involved.

That's why we are here to support the industrial sectors with innovative solutions to help level up the digitisation gap and tackle the Net Zero challenge. 

What our ethos is providing you

Our innovative SaaS solutions centre around Efficiency, Effectiveness and Energy, providing you with the digital tools to make sustainable change.  Read more below…

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With ever demanding customer needs, efficient operations and service will give you that competitive edge. That's why we focus on improving your processes with digitisation to strip out time, cost and waste.

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Providing accessible and affordable tech solutions is what we pride ourselves in. We believe that SaaS solutions should be simple and effective, to add value throughout an entire industry supply chain.

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We are dedicated to support businesses in their sustainability journey to achieving Net Zero. With a climate change crisis, it's time to act now starting with our carbon data capture technology.

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    Our Ethos - Efficiency


    Firstly, Efficiency is about producing things right first time with minimal resources in terms of time, effort and cost. Therefore, our digital solutions provide efficiency benefits such as automating manual, repetitive tasks.

    In addition, providing a digital data thread throughout your processes will enable decisions and action to be taken in real time based on facts. As the adoption of Industry 4.0 increases, businesses who aren't using digitisation to make efficiency improvements will be left behind.

    At Luna we have 15+ years of expertise within the industrial sectors, including lean continuous improvement, digital transformation and change management. Finally, we understand the efficiency gains that can be made, and have created innovative industry specific SaaS solutions to drive this.


    To start, Effectiveness is about doing the right things and requires taking a more customer focused and strategic approach to achieve business goals such as growth.

    Therefore, using digital innovation to streamline and enhance the customer journey is a differentiator that will help you to stand out from the crowd. In addition, our digital solutions enable you to better engage with and tailor your service to your customers and what’s important to them.

    In our ethos, we believe that SaaS solutions should be simple, accessible and affordable. The reasons? To help drive effective relationships with customers and suppliers, bringing a positive work culture for all. Our intuitive solutions are designed to be centred around the user, with ease of use, personalisation, insights and self-serve as standard.

    Our Ethos - Effectiveness
    Our Ethos - Energy


    The UK's target to Net Zero is 2050, we need to act now to become carbon neutral on this timeframe. We thrive upon becoming digital and automated, so much that we've created carbon data capture technology within our software products. So, this enables you to gather a digital data thread to start taking action and reduce your carbon footprint. 

    Most importantly, our ethos is dedicated to taking the clean tech approach in everything we do, from utilising carbon neutral infrastructure technologies to working with clean technical partners, sharing carbon offset technologies amongst other softwares. We are an Agile company that thinks ‘digital first’, minimising our carbon overhead.

    Our Ethos defines what's important to us.

    We know how much the industrial sectors need digitisation and Industry 4.0 to survive and stay ahead of the competition. 

    So we’ve created simple, affordable software solutions for SMEs and above, making digital transformation accessible to all. 

    All levels within a company, all sizes of business, all stakeholders involved.

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